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Welcome to Tequila Drinks website, this website is is made for all tequila lovers from all over the world, we all know that this alcoholic beverage is the essence of the Mexican culture where its origins are coming from, so please enjoy the content and use the most of tequila drinks.

This website is the home for all tequila drinks those well known, less known and also experimental ones as we love to try new things, so sit down and learn how to make tequila drinks!

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Why Do We Love Tequila Drinks

Tequila is a distillate of blue agave that has been drawing people’s attention. As a purely Mexican product, it is hard to resist. Below are some excellent reasons why we love tequila.

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No Hangover

Due to the mild nature of the drink, tequila makers and mixologists have come to realize that it can hardly give us hangover. No doubts, tequila is mild but it needs to be handled softly else you get what you receive, as it known to always return the favor.

Always Available

Mexico has always helped to fill the void. Since the late 19th century, the United States has always had Tequila within its borders. At the time when it first made its way in, it was referred to as the ‘mescal brandy.’ However, when the nation experienced its two prominent alcohol crises in the 20th century, tequila was there to lend a helping hand. In fact, it was during Prohibition that it became the drink of choice in the Southwest.

It Is Made From Pineapple

What an unusual source for liquor. Made from the blue agave, Tequila is derived from the fermented agave juice that has to be heated, crushed and distilled. No other liquor has this first-hand privilege but tequila this is why it is so unique appreciated by us.

Excellent For the Gut

According to the American Chemical Society, it has been revealed that tequila can help to facilitate the growth of intestinal flora, regulate the absorption of lipid and promote calcium absorption. Basically, these are some unique features that are rare to find in liquor.

Possesses a Proud History

Tequila is known to be the first indigenous spirit that North America has ever had. It was first introduced as pulque during the colonization era. This was when the principle of fermenting the juice of the blue agave was applied to the distillation the Spanish people brought along with them. The locals were the real inventors of this historic liquor which was ten referred to as pulque – a less potent drink.

It Can Be Used For Cooking

Since time immemorial, tequila has been known to be an essential ingredient for the preparation of certain classic such as the tequila-lime cheesecake and the tequila wings. Both in the kitchen and in the bar, that bottle of tequila has proven to come in very handy.

Save Your Money

You do not need to blow your rooftop in order to purchase tequila. The budget-conscious liquor is always available in various brands for even less than $25. However, try as much as possible to keep away from anything that possesses less than 100% of blue agave. Such products are not original (inferior beverage) as they tend to aid the fermentation process by adding sweeteners. These are more likely to cause an unnecessarily painful hangover.

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